Fakarava airport

Find out all you need to know about Fakarava airport: location, transfers, opening hours, aircraft parking, refueling, and payload restrictions.


Fakarava airport is located on the main motu, distant from the village of Rotoava.
Air Tahiti FBO can organise your transfer to your final destination.

Opening hours and control tower

The airport opening hours depend on the sunrise and sunset.
For further information, please contact us directly.

Communication with the control tower is in French only. If you do not speak French, we will arrange you a departure from Tahiti with a French-speaking cabin crew member that will allow you to communicate with the control tower.

Aircraft parking

The aircraft parking area accommodates a single machine.
Bookings are therefore strongly recommended.


Jet-A1 refuelling is possible on Fakarava, but you will need to put in a prior request, as there is only a limited quantity of fuel available on the island.

Restricted operating weight(payload)

Given the specificities of the runway of Fakarava, heavier aircrafts are subject to an operating weigth restriction for landing there.
This applies in particular to Gulfstream V (GLF5) and Bombardier Global Express (GLEX) machines.