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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that can be installed on your device (e.g.: computer, tablet, mobile telephone) when you visit a website.

Cookies collect and temporarily save information about your browsing on a site.
As a rule they can, for example, store information that you have already entered in a form so that you do not need to type this information in again when you next visit the site. They can also collect data, such as which browser you use or the country from where you are logging in.

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What cookies do we use on our site?

Some of the cookies we use are essential for your browsing experience on the site, others are used to display personalised content for you.
Cookies can also store the language to be used when displaying our site. Cookies also allow you to access reserved areas of our site thanks to your identifiers.

How can you control the cookies?

Most browsers let you manage your preferences as regards cookies. You can opt to block all cookies by default or to accept all cookies or fine-tune how cookies are set: stop certain sites from installing cookies and authorise cookies from other sites, delete certain cookies already stored in your browser, etc.

Regarding our site, it is important to understand that blocking or deleting certain cookies may disable certain functions and some pages may not be displayed correctly.

Each browser has a Help section explaining the procedure for modifying the parameters relative to cookies.
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