Immigration and customs

24 hours a day, seven days a week, our FBO service facilitates immigration and customs procedures when you arrive in Tahiti, the official point of entry to French Polynesia. You want to land on an island without transiting through Tahiti? We take care of the entire organisation including the paperwork.

Immigration and customs formalities

Arrivals or transits in Tahiti

If you are transiting through Tahiti on your way to the islands, immigration and customs officers will be present at the aircraft to perform an onboard control and collect the immigration forms previously filled.

If you are stopping by Tahiti, our FBO staff will facilitate your passage through immigration and customs (required).

For more information about the organization of an international arrival in the islands, click here.

International arrivals to an islandother than Tahiti

For those who wish to arrive in the islands without passing through Tahiti, travel and accommodation needs to be organised for the immigration and customs officers who must be present for your landing.

Air Tahiti's FBO service assists you in this process.
Click here to find out more about international arrivals in the islands or contact us directly.

International departures

International departures must be made from Tahiti.